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Getting Started With Making Money Creating and Selling Software.   


  • Choose a problem that software can solve.
    Look at the problems that you face online. Other people have those problems as well. No problem is too small. You just need to develop a good solution for it based on customer requests and feedback.


  • Find a talented coder.
    Upwork is good. Also go to coding forums, work through the threads, and find the thought leaders. Send them an email saying that you’d like to pay them to work on a great project of yours. Convince them of your vision, tell them your budget, and get them excited to be involved.


  • Take an active role in the project.
    Sit down with your coder to create a project brief with milestones based on your must-have list and wish list. Tell them how much they’ll get paid at each milestone and offer bonuses if they finish early. Stay in constant communication until the project is ready to test and beta test it by trying to break it.


  • Set up a system to sell the software.
    To sell the software, set up a website or landing page. Drive traffic to it from your existing audience or through affiliates. Once they get there, simply and straight-forwardly communicate how your software solves their problem. If they buy, let them download the software or give them access to use it from your website.


  • Treat your customers like damsels in distress.
    Be a hero to your customers. Start with a simple support email address and eventually upgrade to Zendesk to manage your customer support. When they have a problem, help them as best you can. People talk about wonderful customer service which results in more sales down the road.


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Branding Your Business

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small, retail or B2B. An effective brand strategy gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets. But what exactly does “branding” mean? 

Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. It tells them what they can expect from your products and services, and it differentiates your offering from your competitors’. Your brand is derived from who you are, who you want to be and who people perceive you to be.

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