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Entrepreneurship is becoming more desirable and accessible, while college is becoming more expected and expensive. Although many entrepreneurs find time and money to attend college before pursuing their business, some don’t feel that step is right for them – and that’s okay.

There are ways to start a business and reach financial stability without earning a bachelor’s degree. You’ll need to equip yourself with the right tools and support system, but it’s not impossible to do. Several entrepreneurs who chose launching a business over a college education shared their thoughts on what students in this situation should consider.



Before you dive into your entrepreneurial journey, be certain it’s what you want to do. Creating a company is very different from working a corporate 9-to-5 job, and there are many responsibilities and stressors that come with the territory. If you’re motivated and inspired to start, don’t doubt yourself.  


Jacob Andrews is a well known online success story.   He  working his way up to a managerial position in just a few short years, Jacobs, knew he had all the experience and drive he needed to go into business for himself. He allowed himself time to develop his entrepreneurial spirit before starting his journey.says, “Hands-on learning helped me understand how to manage a business”.  “Do your due diligence and connect with other small business owners who have succeeded and struggled,” he added. “Learn about the challenges overcome and welcome guidance/best practices.”

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