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Even the most successful business minded people need to take a break and relax.  When we just work work work, it does make for a dull life.  

I found a way to have fun and earn some money (enough for a nice bottle of wine) per session I play these cash games.    Who knew you could earn a few bucks just playing games?  Some take skill and some are just the luck of the spin. 

Did I mention its FREE to join and play!


Pop Spins is a shared ad network site that offers the members a way to generate some pocket money playing many different games to earn more spins.  The money is all in the slot machine. Which I personally love!  I made over 13$ in my first 20 minutes of playing!  You might not get rich but hey every penny helps.  Join today!

 Additional spins are generated every hour. Just click “Claim” under the slots and continue playing! To get spins even faster, invite your friends. This way you will increase your level and your hourly refill rate. Check out other options as well: our offers, miner and additional games. They all can help you get tons of spins!

So when you are in the mood to relax and play some games POP Spins is pretty cool.

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