Paid Per Click Advertising and Paid Traffic


One of the most popular ways to get visitors to a website is with paid traffic. This type of traffic as you may have guessed involves paying someone else to provide it. Whether its buying display ads or setting up a pay per click campaign, all this type of traffic falls under the same category.   

The term paid traffic often means different things to different people. To some people, paid traffic is traffic from pay per click advertising only, while to others it includes things such as banner ads and other forms of paid advertising.

 Paid traffic is any website traffic that has been paid for to obtain it.  Whether that’s a website banner, pay per click advert or YouTube advert.   Money is exchanged for traffic = paid traffic

Which platform works for your business?    What really works to get leads, and sales?  Do paid clickers just click and ignore the actual ad?   Because different types of paid traffic come from various forms of advertising, some traffic actually performs better then others,  but what? That is the underlying question!


With adzly, you can create your own ads and have  them displayed on potentially thousands of other
websites completely for FREE!   Adzly is totally changing the way people advertise .  Its almost like all 3 platforms in one.  First create your ads,   post ads  on your site, and you earn credits for ads displayed so others can click your ads.  Simple and effective.   3 tier membership options and you can also buy “credits” if you wish.   ADZLY


WordLinx - Get Paid To Click



A perfect platform for reaching thousands of people all over the world.  Many different ways to advertise:

  1. Sharing Links
  2. Wordlinx Go – E-mail 
  3. Twitter – Wordlinx tweets your ad to their 36 K followers
  4. Banner

For as little as $5.00 advertise your business all over the world.   Learn more



TrafikClix is a platform for both earning and advertising.   Generates 237,142 views daily.    Earn your advertising in just some clicks of your mouse.







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